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How do I join the club?


Please check out contact page by clicking 


Can I play tennis at Awapuni on different days and times than when the club meets?


Awapuni Tennis Club has exclusive use of the courts on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings at the times stated. On Sunday mornings the Manawatu Seniors’ Club has exclusive use of the courts. There are occasions that schools occupy the courts for junior tennis coaching. Outside of those dates and times the courts are available for public use, and if you play there you will need to provide your own tennis balls.


I can only come on Tuesday evenings and not on Saturdays. Can I still be a member of the club?


Yes, there are members who sometimes can only play in the evenings or only play at the weekends.


Why do you not admit children or under 17-year olds?


Awapuni tennis club's constitution allows for junior membership, but there are currently no resources or coaching available for juniors.


Do you have any coaching available?


Occasionally we have coaching which is available at a trainee’s own expense. We don’t have any resident coach at the club.


Are there toilets and changing facilities at the club?


The Awapuni Community Centre has toilets and showers available, plus there are outdoor toilets on the left side of the building. The indoor toilets and showers are sometimes unavailable to club members because the community centre is a shared facility, used by other groups.


Do members assist with the maintenance of the facility or take part in working bees?


Not normally. The Awapuni Community Centre committee has overall management of the hall and park facilities. They arrange for any maintenance to be carried out by the Palmerston North City Council. The council can be contacted at anytime by telephoning 06 356 8199.


Does the tennis club run any social events?


Yes, most notably in the summer when there are occasional happy hours and barbecues. Food and refreshments are provided sometimes free or for a small charge. Occasionally outings are held, such as tramping trips for those who may be interested.


Can I enter tournaments or interclub competitions playing at Awapuni?


No. Awapuni is not affiliated to Tennis Manawatu, the local association. Our club focuses on social tennis only. There is nothing preventing you from entering tournaments as an individual, but you would need to join a club that is affiliated in order to play interclub matches.

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