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Awapuni Tennis Club forms part of Awapuni Park, consisting of a community centre, children's play area, community garden and a general recreation area. The whole complex is owned and maintained by the Palmerston North City Council.  The club is operated by a committee, which is elected at the club's annual general meeting held usually on the first Saturday of September.

There are four tennis courts available for play, all constructed of  all-weather Astroturf, plus a practice wall. The club shares the community centre building with numerous other users, but it retains its own equipment cupboard for storing tennis balls and other belongings.  

When we play
We play every Saturday throughout the year, winter and summer weather permitting, commencing around 1.30pm and finishing around 4.30pm. You may arrive at any time after 1.30pm and leave at any time if you need to. We will organise games for you against different opponents throughout the afternoon. We also play on Tuesday evenings, commencing around 4.00pm during the winter months and from 5.30pm during daylight saving. 


We offer membership to all adults of 17 years and over, catering for all levels of ability, so if you are relatively new to the game or you haven't played for a while, we would be pleased to see you join in. We ensure everyone attending has the opportunity to play. Our emphasis is on social, rather than competitive tennis. We try to mix everyone up so that you have chance to play people with different abilities. Subscriptions are currently $60.00 for a full year which runs from 1 September to 31 August.

There are no additional fees charged for balls or use of courts. We provide all tennis balls.

What to wear and bring to the courts

We do not insist that members where white clothing, but we ask that you wear comfortable rubber-soled shoes or trainers, and during the summer months, wear light clothing, a hat, apply sunscreen and bring a cold drink to keep yourself hydrated.

Who uses the courts on other days and times?

On Sundays, the Manawatu Seniors Tennis Club have exclusive use of the courts during the morning, but at all other times the courts are open for public use.

 Please check out our FAQ section for further questions 

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Interested in joining the club?

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